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The story


Mick Sweda has been making noise for four decades and shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. Currently working on an album for The Hot Summers and playing with Lies, Deceit and Treachery as well as a number of offshoots, Mick is as restless and driven as ever in his life long sonic journey.

Moving from Western New York to Los Angeles in 1981, Mick immersed himself in the music scene on every level possible and charted a winding course through the clubs of So Cal and beyond. His hard work led to recording contracts with King Kobra and BulletBoys and ultimately chart success and worldwide tours. 

After settling down in LA to continue his recording path, Mick wrote and produced albums in his studio, redcake digital and embraced the evolution of his playing and writing. He is most comfortable in the studio and that is where he can be found more often than not.



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News & Updates



summer release Planned for The Hot Summers Debut.

Mick and Shane Tassart are continuing to write as song ideas are flowing. A new song, "The Last One" is sounding great and, although it's late to the record, it's a perfect addition to the already written songs. Mick is continuing to mix The Hot Summers album and it's on track for a Summer '17 release. Stay tuned!

Great Weekend with lies, deceit & treachery

The guys of LDT met this weekend for a  photo shoot and rehearsals. The guys also worked on new songs...yes, new songs for an upcoming record! It was a great weekend of pure luff. 

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The Hot Summers

by The Hot Summers

Debut CD Coming Soon...