Scratch-cast 5: Interview with R5

In Scratch-cast 5, Mick and Craig chat with Ross, Riker and Rocky Lynch from R5, the huge pop band who also happen to be excellent hockey players! They have some fun with ice time and then transition into what it’s like growing up in a supportive family who all play and see entertainment as their present and future. They touch on their studio, making records, road life, coming home to Mom’s food and playing to adoring crowds of beautiful fans! A few coldies were had, along with a good time, and we know you’ll have one too. 

Scratch-cast 4: Interview with Nick Gaffaney from Cairo Knife Fight/Santa Barbara

In this episode of Scratch-cast, Nick Gaffaney of Cairo Knife Fight takes us through his youth in New Zealand and growing up studying music and learning the craft. We discuss cruise lines, free-form jazz, dates with Them Crooked Vultures and Queens of the Stone Age and what it's like to be part of a technologically advanced duo. He also discusses his part in Santa Barbara with his wife, Cassie. You get a taste of Cairo Knife Fight songs "Reality Engine", "Rezlord" and "Shadows Of Sorrow".